From a young age, I have been interested in building with my hands. My Great Grandfather was a tradesman and a great carpenter. I have grown up with a desire to build for myself as well as others. These days, I am fully embracing my desire to work with wood as I am working full-time doing finish carpentry. I am learning new things every day, dedicated to become more like my Great Grandfather. I love it, It brings me joy.

I love the challenge of mentally mapping out what I need to do, beginning from the first home depot run, till the final sanding touches. My mind visualizes the cuts that need to be made, the potential challenges, and the phone calls to my neighbor to borrow a tool. Carpentry allows me to create practical products that myself or others enjoy.

I enter a state of relaxation and determination when working. My mind can focus on the task at hand. This focused sensation is very pleasant for me. As time goes on, I learn new things and enhance my old skills. I am getting better every day.

Recently, I have been thinking about how my Job is a active practice in discipline. I think it is good for me to wake up at 5:50am, begin work at 7am, and come home tired and scraped up at 4pm. At this stage of my life I feel that engrained discipline is something worthwhile. I feel focused and excited throughout each week. Work is good, I am grateful.